1031 Exchange: MEGA 1031 Philosophy

At MEGA 1031, we feel strongly that our greatest responsibility is to make sure your money is financially secure and that you receive every cent of interest earned before, during and through each transaction.

Unlike a majority of other Qualified Intermediaries, MEGA 1031 passes back to all clients, the interest earned in their individual accounts.  Our clients’ monies are held in secure segregated accounts, not pooled into large company accounts.  although the common industry practice of pooling accounts results in more financial gain for the QIs, it also exposes clients to substantially more financial risk.

This transparent approach is the most ethical and honest manner to conduct business.  Your money belongs to you and you alone, so all interest earned is forwarded to you by Colorado Business Bank at the close of your exchange.

What exactly does the MEGA 1031 approach mean to your 1031 transaction?

  • Your exchange money is held in a secure segregated account, separate and safe from the monies of other clients or our company’s funds. 
  • While in our care, we will not use your money to earn extra interest for our company.
  • You will always know the financial risk associated with how your money is invested during its time in our trust.
  • MEGA 1031 is fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Your money is available on demand to purchase any identified Replacement Property.

By working with MEGA 1031, you also have access to a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to giving you the personal attention at every level. We know that it takes time to understand your needs and goals so our staff goes the extra mile to listen to your concerns, discuss strategies, and provide sound guidance on every step of your transaction.

Along with our outstanding personal service, we offer speedy turn-around on document processing. This reduces the time and stress of closing transactions.

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